Zach White – Career Coach and Host of the Happy Engineer Podcast

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The Happy Engineer 🎧 Top Podcast Host || Helping Thousands of Engineering Leaders Reach the Next Level (without Suffering Burnout) || World’s Best Lifestyle Engineer || CEO & Career Coach 


In this episode of Life Science Success, my guest is Zach White.   Zach is the host of the Happy Engineer Podcast, and he is also a career coach who is helping thousands of engineering leaders reach the next level without suffering burnout. 


  • Zach White discusses the challenges that engineers face in their careers, including continually increasing demands and the need to balance leadership development with technical knowledge.
  • He also discusses the importance of mindset and coaching to help engineers achieve their goals and find fulfillment in their work.
  • Zach is inspired by seeing clients take courageous steps and achieve what they previously thought was impossible.
  • He is concerned about the impact of financial systems and policies on the economy and the need for continual learning in the face of rapidly advancing technology.
  • Zach is excited about travel and the opportunity to experience new places and cultures.
  • The Happy Engineer Podcast, hosted by Zach, focuses on helping engineers build their careers, balance their lives, and find happiness along the way.