Top WordPress Backup Plugins Reviewed

Did you know that 60% of small businesses that lose their data will shut down within six months? This shows how important it is to regularly back up your WordPress site. WPBeginner says just relying on your hosting provider’s backups isn’t enough. It’s key to personally make sure your site is regularly backed up.

This review looks at some of the best plugins for backing up WordPress sites. We consider Duplicator, UpdraftPlus, Jetpack VaultPress, Solid Backups, and more. We’ve looked at what different users need, from beginners to experts. Each plugin has different features and prices to match what you need.

Key Takeaways

  • Regular backups are essential for protecting your WordPress website from data loss.
  • Relying solely on hosting providers is risky; personal responsibility for backups is crucial.
  • Top WordPress backup plugins include Duplicator, UpdraftPlus, and others with varied features and pricing.
  • Choose a backup solution that aligns with your site’s needs and budget constraints.
  • Ensure your selected plugin supports secure WordPress backup solutions and offers automated backups.

Introduction to WordPress Backup Plugins

In today’s world, having a good plugin for backing up WordPress site is key. It keeps your site safe from many risks. These include hacks and accidents. WordPress backup plugins are vital for keeping your data secure.

Importance of Backing Up Your WordPress Site

Backing up your WordPress site is very essential. It protects you from many problems. This can include hackers and accidental deletions. A strong backup plugin lets you quickly bring back your data. This reduces any wait time for your site to be active again. By using the best backup plugins for WordPress, your website stays reliable and builds user trust.

Features to Look for in a Backup Plugin

When picking a plugin for backing up WordPress site, look for important features:

  • Ease of Use: Having an easy-to-use interface means anyone can manage and restore backups.
  • Automated Backups: Backups that happen automatically keep your data safe all the time, without you doing anything.
  • Comprehensive Backups: Make sure the plugin can backup both your files and database, covering everything in your site.
  • Secure Backup Storage: Backing up to a safe place like the cloud means your data is safe even if something happens to your devices.
  • Real-Time Backups: Backing up in real-time means your latest changes are always saved, ready to be brought back if needed.
  • Encrypted Backups: Encryption keeps your backup data secure from anyone who shouldn’t see it.

Picking the best backup plugins for WordPress with these features makes your site stronger. It prepares you for any problem that might come up.

Duplicator: A Comprehensive Solution

Duplicator is a top-rated backup plugin for WordPress. It has over 1.5 million users which tells a lot. This tool helps with backups and moving WordPress sites. People love it because it’s easy to use.

Key Features

Duplicator has great tools for making backup and moving easy. Here are its key features:

  1. Manual and scheduled backups
  2. Cloud storage options
  3. Recovery points
  4. Advanced site migration tools

These tools help users make safe backups and move sites without trouble. This shows why Duplicator is a top-rated backup plugin for WordPress.

Pricing and Plans

There’s a free and a Pro version of the Duplicator plugin:

  • Free Version: It offers basic backup and moving features
  • Pro Version: It costs $49.50 a year for two sites. You get scheduled backups, cloud storage, and better support

With both free and paid options, Duplicator fits the needs of many. From beginners to more advanced users.

User Experience

People like how Duplicator works right inside the WordPress dashboard. It makes backups and moving sites easy. For tough site moves, Duplicator is a top choice among top-rated backup plugins for WordPress.

UpdraftPlus: Popular Freemium Plugin

UpdraftPlus is a favorite for WordPress users with over 3 million people using it. It offers both scheduled and instant backups. This makes it perfect for anyone with a website.

Key Features

It has features for everyone, no matter how experienced they are:

  • Scheduled and on-demand backups
  • Works with many cloud storage services like Google Drive and more
  • It’s easy to bring back a backup right from the WordPress site

In addition, buying the premium version adds more like helping you move your site, support for lots of sites, and the best customer service. This makes everything smoother and safer.

Pricing and Plans

You can start with the free version. For those needing more, the premium package is $70 a year. This version gives extra features and rapid help, which is great value for thorough backup needs.

User Experience

People love UpdraftPlus for how simple and flexible it is. Its clear design lets even new users back up and bring back their sites without trouble. This plugin cuts down the time and work needed for backups, making it a top pick.

Jetpack VaultPress Backup: Premium Automated Backups

Jetpack VaultPress Backup keeps your WordPress site safe. It is backed by Automattic and offers the best in automatic and real-time cloud backups. It works smoothly with your site, giving you peace of mind with its strong backup features.

premium automated backups for WordPress

Key Features

This backup service is known for being easy to set up. It quickly restores your site and comes with strong security. You can easily set it up for regular and real-time backups, protecting your website’s data. Plus, it teams up well with other Jetpack services to boost your site’s security.

Pricing and Plans

Jetpack VaultPress Backup starts from $4.95 a month, paid once a year. While it may be a bit much for those starting out, it’s worth it for the security and features. There are different plans to meet various needs. The higher plans come with more security and backup options. This way, you pick what works best for your site and budget.

User Experience

Using Jetpack VaultPress Backup is simple and straightforward. Installing and setting it up is quick, great for WordPress newbies. The cost might seem high for some, but Automattic’s top-notch security makes it a good buy. Large shopping sites, especially, get a big boost from its superior backup service.

Solid Backups: Robust Backup & Restore Solutions

Since 2010, Solid Backups has shown it’s top-notch for WordPress backup. It has great features like cloud storage and local backups. A standout is the Stash Live tool, giving real-time backups for more security.

Users get strong customer service to keep their WordPress sites in tip-top shape. Plus, handy tools like site copying and easy WordPress control from one spot are available.

Solid Backups costs $99 a year, making it a smart investment. This price includes wide backup options and help, attracting many for their robust backup and restore needs in WordPress.

With Solid Backups, users get a tool that is reliable, works in real-time, and is simple to use. This protects their WordPress sites like a shield!

BlogVault: Real-Time Cloud Backups

Keeping your WordPress site safe is key, and BlogVault does it well. It offers top-notch real-time cloud backup for WordPress. This plugin uses a SaaS method, protecting your site without slowing it down.

real-time cloud backup solutions for WordPress

Key Features

BlogVault comes packed with features to keep your data safe and easy to manage. It does daily automated backups, saves only what’s changed each time, and keeps a copy of every saved file. You also get a staging site to test new things before going live.

Pricing and Plans

For just $89 a year, you can get started with BlogVault on one site. This includes its real-time cloud backup that keeps your WordPress data safe and sound. Their plans fit different needs, whether you run one site or many.

User Experience

When things go wrong, fixing them is easy with BlogVault. Its restoration is simple and fast, even for those not too tech-savvy. People trust BlogVault because it does a great job at what it promises: real-time cloud backups for WordPress.

Single Site$89/yearDaily automated backups, Incremental backups, Staging site functionality
Developers$249/yearAll Single Site features, Supports up to 5 sites, Priority support
Agency$499/yearAll Developers features, Supports up to 20 sites, White-label reports

BackWPup: Free Cloud Backups

BackWPup is a leading choice for free cloud backups for WordPress websites. It lets you save backups to many places. This includes Dropbox, S3, Microsoft Azure, and more. Having many options makes it easy for site owners to manage their backups.

BackWPup uses WordPress’ cron job system to make scheduled backups. This means your backups happen automatically, without you doing anything. Plus, you can cancel a backup job easily. Just delete a file called backwpup-xyz-working.json via FTP. For more security, the Pro version includes encrypted backups and simple restoration from the WordPress control panel.

You can make your backup file names unique by using placeholders. For example, %d stands for the day of the month. This helps keep your backups organized. If you need to make advanced changes, like moving the temp directory, it’s possible by editing the wp-config.php file.

Note that BackWPup needs WordPress 3.9 and PHP 7.2 to work properly. Some users say the free version may have a few drawbacks, like lacking restore options. However, the tool is still highly recommended. It offers many useful features for free, making it a great choice for free backup solutions for WordPress.

Backup DestinationsDropbox, S3, Azure, RackSpaceCloud, SugarSync, Amazon Glacier, Google Drive, OneDrive, HiDrive
WP Cron IntegrationAutomates scheduled backup jobs using WordPress’ cron job system
Pro Version FeaturesEncrypted backups and easy restoration from WordPress backend
CustomizationCustomizable file names, temp directory modification via wp-config.php
System RequirementsWordPress 3.9, PHP 7.2

BoldGrid Backup: Simple and Efficient

BoldGrid Backup is simple and effective for BoldGrid users. It makes managing backups easy. You can choose to store your backups in the cloud. This keeps your data safe.

It’s only $2.50 per month to use BoldGrid Backup. It’s made for everyone, even if you’re not great with tech. The interface is easy to understand, making backups and restorations painless.

It focuses on making backups fast and easy. This means your site stays safe without you doing much. BoldGrid Backup is great for both new and experienced WordPress users. It ticks all the boxes for a great backup tool: it’s cheap, simple, and works well.


Why is it important to back up my WordPress site?

Backing up your site is crucial. It protects against hacking and accidental deletions. Backups also help with quick fixes to keep your site safe and running.

What features should I look for in a WordPress backup plugin?

Look for ease-of-use in a backup plugin. Also, find one that offers automated and secure backups. Having encryption and real-time backup options is vital for reliable protection.

What are the key features of Duplicator?

Duplicator has manual and scheduled backups. It offers cloud storage and easy recovery. Known for being user-friendly, it’s great for moving sites.

How much does Duplicator cost?

The Pro version of Duplicator starts at .50 yearly for two sites. Yet, you can start with a feature-rich free version as well.

What makes UpdraftPlus a popular choice?

UpdraftPlus is loved for its scheduled and on-demand backups. It supports many cloud services and is easy to restore with from WordPress. Prices begin at per year, but there’s also a strong free version.

What are the benefits of using Jetpack VaultPress Backup?

Jetpack VaultPress offers automatic, real-time cloud backups. It’s easy to set up and restore. With Automattic’s backing, it’s great for busy online stores. It costs .95 a month with a yearly plan.

What makes Solid Backups stand out?

Solid Backups provides automatic cloud and local backups. It includes Stash Live for real-time copies and great support. At per year, it’s a solid option without monthly fees.

How does BlogVault ensure minimal load on user servers?

BlogVault works on a SaaS model, which means it won’t burden your servers. It offers daily and incremental backups for better performance. Pricing starts at a year for one site.

What is the pricing model for BackWPup?

BackWPup stands out with its free cloud backup option. This makes it an affordable choice for those needing basic backup support.

Why might users choose BoldGrid Backup?

BoldGrid Backup is praised for being easy and efficient. It integrates with cloud storage and starts at .50 a month. It’s great for those who value simplicity.

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