Top Trends for Best Website Looks

Did you know that over 40% of internet users will leave a website if it loads slower than 3 seconds? We need to remember the important website design trends. These include pop-out navigation, the return of serif fonts, and using round, moving text. These trends make websites look good and easy to use. They show the beauty of design along with simple moving around. For a website to look professional, it must balance looking cool with being easy to use.

Key Takeaways

  • Pop-out navigation strategically bridges the gap between desktop and mobile design.
  • The rise of serif typography brings a touch of elegance and clarity to website appearances.
  • Round, animated text elements effectively capture and maintain user attention.
  • Vertical photos or videos optimize viewing experiences across devices.
  • AI-inspired models and imagery provide a futuristic edge to modern website layouts.
  • White-on-black color schemes offer high contrast and timeless appeal.
  • Dark mode settings contribute to reduced eye strain and improved user engagement.

Pop-Out Navigation

Pop-out navigation has changed how we design websites. It works well on all devices. This approach makes websites easy to use and access.

Why Pop-Out Navigation is Popular

People love pop-out navigation because it’s great for mobiles. It’s a click away, usually at the top right. It keeps the screen tidy. Putting it next to the logo makes the site look cool and work well.

Examples of Effective Pop-Out Navigation

Rizzardi Yachts shows how good pop-out navigation can be. They use big menus that pop out. It’s fun to use because of the moving items. You can find social media links easily. It’s making other websites think about how to mix fun and function.

Serif Typography

Serif fonts are making a comeback in web design. They add elegance and clarity to websites. Many modern designers are choosing serif fonts. They find these fonts beautiful and easy to read. Serif fonts help mix old styles with new ones on the web. This mix makes a website’s look special.

The Rise of Serif Fonts

Serif fonts have become more popular in the last year. They give websites a classy and traditional look. Big brands and well-made sites like Mbau use serif fonts. They pair them with big, simple text on exciting backgrounds. This method grabs attention. It makes the site look fancy and clear.

Implementing Serif Typography Effectively

Putting serif fonts in web design takes skill. You must make sure they fit well with everything else. Here are some important tips:

  • Pairing with Sans Serifs: Combining serif headlines with sans serif body text can create a balanced and visually appealing website.
  • Highlighting Key Information: Using serif fonts to highlight important messages or call-to-action buttons can draw users’ attention effectively.
  • Color and Contrast: Ensuring sufficient contrast between serif text and background enhances readability and visual impact.

Using serif fonts wisely can make your website beautiful. Done right, these fonts can help your site look refined and inviting. They can connect with users’ feelings and tastes.

Round, Animated Text Elements

Today, round, animated text is changing how websites look. They make pages look cool and make visitors want to stay longer. These texts mix beauty with usefulness, making sure visitors don’t miss important info.

website user engagement

Engagement with Spinning Text

Spinning text is a hit because it grabs attention fast. Pear shows this well by using moving words on buttons. These words turn smoothly, making these buttons fun but easy to read.

Tips to Integrate Round, Animated Text

To use circular, moving text well, you need to think about balance and design. Here’s how to do it right:

  • Simplicity is key: Keep things simple and clear for a pro look.
  • Natural Movement: Pick animations that are smooth and not too much.
  • Strategic Placement: Put these texts in spots that help the site and draw attention.

Following these tips helps designers use moving text well. This leads to more visitors staying and a website that looks top-notch.

Vertical Photos or Videos

Vertical photos and videos are more common in web designs today. It helps link the benefits of mobile and computer viewing. Split-screen layouts show content on one side and visuals on the other. This method, like Klaus Heller’s work, proves how flexible vertical media is in great website designs.

This design choice boosts how users interact with sites. It follows the newest website design trends very well. Using vertical media keeps web content exciting and clear on any device. So, including it in web design is smart for keeping up with how people browse, ensuring the best website appearance.

AI-Inspired Models and Imagery

In 2023, AI changed how we see web design. It brought in cool models that catch your eye. These new designs are often simple, with not much text and dark colors. This makes the AI models stand out. AI has really raised the bar for web design. It mixes new looks with easy-to-use features.

The Role of AI in Modern Web Design

AI makes web design way better than we knew before. Designers can now make sites that are fun and easy to use. They use smart AI tools. This makes websites work better, look good, and feel right for each user. Today’s websites are all about making you feel at home online.

Challenges with AI-Inspired Imagery

But, AI designs can have some downsides. They might all start to look the same. This could make websites lose their special touch. Also, too much AI can mean less of that human spark in designs. Yet, if we use AI the right way, it can help make amazing modern sites.

White on Black

The white-on-black color scheme is gaining momentum again in high contrast web design. This style offers a timeless look. It makes things look elegant. It uses bold fonts and strong contrasts to make web content pop.

Why White on Black is Making a Comeback

Take Golden Suisse, for example. This Swiss Bullion Nonbank uses a black background with white text for a special feel. Designers like Melanie DaVeid add bright colors to stand out. They use them for important parts like links and contact info. This makes websites look nicer and easier to use.

Designing with High Contrast Colors

KeepGrading’s site is another good example. They use white and black to make their media content look sharp. This makes their work stand out. Pienso’s design focuses on what users should do. This makes their site easy to use. The black and white colors make everything clean and clear.

Some sites, like Replica Studios, use these colors for simple, clear info. Henri Heymans uses bright green in a black and white world. This keeps the focus and looks great.

Duft & Co Bakery uses it to show their baked goods in a special way. Then, there’s Poklonnaya 9 in Moscow. It mixes black, white, and neon orange for a cool look. This mix of colors makes modern designs stand out.

In the end, this trend is about making things clear. It makes websites look good while staying up to date and timeless.

Best Website Looks

A great website look mixes bold fonts, colors, and easy-to-use menus. To have a good site, you should keep up with new ideas and focus on what people like. This way, your site will look fresh and last a long time.

Top websites today often use simple designs. These designs help users see and find things easily. Simple sites also load quickly and work well, which keeps visitors happy.

The choice of colors is also key in good website looks. Pick colors that make people feel good and show what your brand is about. Bright colors on calm backgrounds make important parts stand out. Designers think about what colors mean to make sure they connect with the people who visit the site.

Leaving space between things is important, too. Enough space stops the site from looking too busy. This makes moving around the site and reading things easier. It also makes the site look better and more fun to use.

Bold TypographyHighEnhances readability and draws attention
Minimalist LayoutHighBoosts user interaction and reduces load time
Color SchemesMediumEstablishes brand identity and guides user actions
Negative SpaceMediumImproves navigation and highlights content

Keeping everything related to your brand makes your site look its best. Use the same style in your fonts, colors, and layout. This makes your site easy to remember and trust.

In the end, making a great website is about using the latest ideas with good design basics. With simple designs, the right colors, enough space, and a clear brand voice, you can make a site that people love to visit.

Card Elements with Curved Edges

Card elements with curved edges have become very popular. They make web design look inviting and modern. This design trend shows how much we value making websites work well for everyone. These curved edge cards are not only pretty; they also make finding information easy.

web design flexibility

Design Versatility with Curved Edge Cards

Card elements with curved edges are great because they fit many modern website layouts. Designers can play with simple looks or add shadows for depth. They are good for showing off products, sharing stories, or for beautiful pictures.

Examples of Card Elements in Web Design

Big websites use curved edge cards to make their sites look better and work smoothly. For example, GET made these cards stand out on their homepage. They mixed usefulness with beauty. Let’s see more sites that use this trend well:

WebsiteUsage of Curved Edge CardsImpact
GETHomepage focal pointsEnhanced visual appeal and engagement
EtsyProduct listingsImproved presentation and navigation
DribbblePortfolio displaysOrganized and artistically appealing

Dark Mode

Dark mode is super trendy in web design today. It looks cool and helps your eyes. This is especially true in low light. Also, it saves battery on some phones.

Sites like Dorik’s Noushi look great in dark mode. They use cool colors and bright effects. This makes the sites both fun and easy to use, grabbing users’ attention.

Many sites are going for dark mode design now. It’s a big deal in modern design. Dark mode makes websites look good and work well. It’s a win for everyone.


Looking back at the key website design trends of 2023, we see a focus on making designs that are fun to use and look at. Designers introduced things like pop-out navigation and different font styles. This made websites better to see and easier to use for people.

Themes such as AI art and dark mode found a perfect mix of looking good and being helpful. The use of AI in websites, like what Mugler did, and dark mode, shown in Dorik’s Noushi template, is a big step forward. It makes websites both exciting and simple for everyone to use.

Next year, 2024, we will see more development in these areas. Designers will keep making changes to meet the growing needs of people. These efforts will lead to websites that are not just beautiful but also very easy to use. Staying updated with these trends is key for those in the web design field.


What are the top trends for best website looks in 2023?

In 2023, website trends include easy-to-click pop-out menus and serif fonts. Also, sites use photos stacked up and down instead of side-to-side. Dark mode is another big hit. It all makes sites pretty and simple to use.

Why is pop-out navigation so popular in modern website layouts?

Pop-out menus work well for both computers and phones. They make getting around websites easier. It uses space wisely by hiding the menu until you need it.

Can you provide examples of effective pop-out navigation?

Rizzardi Yachts has a great full-screen pop-out menu. It has fun animations and is easy to use. Plus, it puts social media and policies within easy reach.

What has contributed to the rise of serif fonts in web design?

Serif fonts look fancy and make text easy to read. They beat non-serif ones by looking more elegant. So, a lot of designers are picking them for a classy website look.

How can serif typography be implemented effectively?

To use serif fonts well, put them in big titles against a different background. Take Mbau’s site as an example. It shows that fancy titles can make a page look special.

How do round, animated text elements enhance website user engagement?

Animated, spinning text draws eyes and makes websites fun. These moving words are easy to read. They keep visitors interested with cool and short messages.

What are some tips on integrating round, animated text elements?

For good spinning text, it should spin moderately and be easy to read. Look at Pear’s site for how to do it right. It makes visitors want to click around more.

How have vertical photos or videos addressed the viewing experience on different devices?

Vertical media looks good on phones and on desktops. It splits the screen well with text on one side and images on the other. This way, everyone sees a nice, full picture.

What role does AI play in modern web design?

AI makes websites look and work like the future. Its simple designs often use dark colors. This new tech style makes visiting sites more cool and interesting.

What challenges are associated with AI-inspired imagery?

Sometimes, using AI to design can make sites look the same. But, being creative and thoughtful helps avoid this. Projects, like Mugler’s AI images, show how to stay unique.

Why is the white-on-black color scheme making a comeback in website aesthetics?

White text on black backgrounds looks classic and grabs attention. It’s pretty and easy on the eyes. This style makes sites look modern and well-designed.

How should high contrast colors be used in web design?

High contrast is great for focusing on important parts. It plays up big text and clear order. Savage Jerky’s website uses this well to sell fast and look good.

What elements contribute to the best website appearance?

The best sites have big, bold words, smart colors, easy menus, and the newest looks. It all makes websites inviting and simple for everyone.

How do card elements with curved edges add to web design flexibility?

Curved cards look fresh and add to the site’s style. They can be simple or fancy with 3D looks or moving parts. This makes a site unique and fun to look at.

Can you provide examples of using card elements in web design?

Check out GET’s webpage for cool curved cards. They make the site’s cover neat and practical. This makes visitors like how it looks and works.

Why has dark mode become popular in web design?

Dark mode feels good on the eyes and maybe saves battery. It also looks cool. People like using it, especially at night, and it makes designs stand out.

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