Susan Stipa – VP CGLife – Biopharmaceutical Thought Leader

by Oct 22, 2023Podcast0 comments

• Susan Stipa, with a diverse background in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and financial services, discusses the evolution of her career and her transition into marketing, emphasizing her passion for blending scientific understanding with creative communication.

• She highlights the rapid and transformative advancements in biopharmaceuticals, touching on the challenges and excitement surrounding emerging therapies like cell and gene therapy and expressing concern about ensuring access to these innovations.

• Susan mentions the importance of effective communication within the biotech industry, especially when engaging with journalists to accurately relay complex scientific concepts, showcasing CG Life’s role as a mediator to foster better understanding.

• She reflects on valuable leadership advice received from her father about making a strong initial impression and the importance of human connection, opposing a rigid corporate mentality, to foster creativity and meaningful relationships.

• Both Susan and the host, Don, share an appreciation for the relentless drive within the biotech industry and its potential to address global health challenges, emphasizing the fulfillment derived from their roles in this dynamic field.