Surekha Karudapuram – VP Commercial Operations – Isolation Bio Inc.

by Jun 24, 2023Podcast0 comments

his week on the Life Science Success Podcast, my guest is Surekha Karudapuram, VP Commercial Operations – Isolation Bio Inc.  Surekha is an innovative, technically-savvy and accomplished product & marketing executive with 15+ years of experience, including leading the development and execution of corporate product management and marketing programs to support long term strategic, commercial, and financial goals.


  • Surekha Karudapuram is a product manager who leads marketing, product management, and commercial operations teams.
  • Isolation Bio provides a high throughput microbial cultivation platform and services to accelerate the time to discovery for microbiome R&D and product development.
  • Isolation Bio’s platform is automated, scalable, and helps to generate microbes that could be used in therapeutics or bio fertilizers.
  • Surekha is concerned about the ethical and regulatory guardrails in the fast-moving life sciences space and the communication of scientific discoveries to the general public.
  • Surekha is excited about the possibilities in the microbiome space and believes that microbiome scientists in both academia and industry are going to make exciting discoveries that will translate into great benefits for humanity.