Stephanie Oestreich: Advancing Myeloma Research & Investment


In this episode of the Life Science Success Podcast we are joined by Stephanie Oestreich, Managing Director of the Myeloma Investment Fund, who has an extensive background in life sciences, leadership, and a unique perspective as a semi-professional violinist.


Stephanie shares her extensive background in life sciences and leadership, and discusses her passion for finding cures and treatments for devastating diseases like multiple myeloma. She provides insight into the innovative work of the Myeloma Investment Fund, their mission, and the process of fostering and investing in breakthrough therapies. Stephanie also touches on her teaching role at MIT and her unique perspective as a semi-professional violinist, drawing parallels between her musical and professional experiences.   00:00 Introduction to the Podcast 00:32 Sponsor Message: D3 Digital Media Marketing 01:21 Meet Stephanie Asterik 01:54 Stephanie’s Journey in Life Sciences 03:48 The Complexity of Multiple Myeloma 04:51 Investing in Innovation 08:42 The Role of the Myeloma Investment Fund 11:03 Stephanie’s Background and Leadership Lessons 15:02 The Art of Playing the Violin 18:33 Leadership Insights from Music 22:07 Final Thoughts and Reflections 27:55 Conclusion and Farewell  


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