Sharon L Rogers – CEO of AmyriAD

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In this episode of Life Sciences Success, my guest is Sharon Rogers the CEO of AmyriAD.  Sharon brings the strength of her 35 years of pharmaceutical experience to AmyriAD. She is best known as the worldwide leader and development strategist for the highly successful AD treatment, Aricept. Aricept has been the standard of care for more than 20 years, and no other AD program has produced more compelling results.


  • Sharon L. Rogers, a research scientist, talks about a new drug for Alzheimer’s disease
  • The drug, AD101, is designed to improve cognition and global function in Alzheimer’s patients
  • It is a cholinergic drug, but its action is limited to the brain, making it more effective than other cholinergic drugs
  • The drug has gone through phase two trials and is now moving into phase three
  • Rogers also discusses her experience as an expat in Japan and the importance of resilience and leadership
  • She expresses concern about complacency and outrage fatigue
  • Rogers is excited about the potential of Gen Z to effect change