Rob Bruchet – General Manager – Middle East & Africa at Ethypharm


In this episode of the Life Science Success podcast my guest is Robert Bruchet.  Robert is a General Manager – Middle East & Africa at Ethypharm. He applies a deep understanding of commercial levers to maximize the P&L and drive growth. Demonstrated leadership across multiple functions (marketing, sales, market access, and public affairs) and general management.

  • Rob Bruchet discusses his work in the pharmaceutical industry in Africa and the Middle East
  • He talks about the challenges of expanding a business in that region, particularly with established brands and price pressure
  • Bruchet emphasizes the importance of diversity in those markets, noting the wide range of languages and cultures
  • He also shares his experience working in Dubai and the sense of adventure that drove him to move there
  • Bruchet enjoys the opportunity to create something new and make changes in his work, and he is motivated by the drive and ambition of younger people in the industry


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