Life Science Success: Life Science Success Virtual Human Twins: Revolutionizing Drug and Device Testing | Elem Biotech Pt2

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This is the second part of the interview where, with Maruiano, we will discuss more of the technology and development for Elem Biotech.  


In this episode of the Life Science Success Podcast, Don Davis discusses the BIO conference and the future of biomedical research with Mauriano Vázquez. They delve into the significance of networking events, the evolution of computing capabilities, advanced simulation codes, and the potential applications of AI and quantum computing in life sciences. Mauriano shares his unique journey from Argentina to becoming a physicist specializing in computational mechanics, and how his work in cardiac electrophysiology can significantly impact patient care. The conversation wraps up with insights into the future use of virtual and augmented reality in medical applications.     00:00 Introduction and Conference Impressions 02:37 Mariano’s Background and Journey into Life Sciences 06:22 Applications of Simulation Technology 10:48 Evolution of Computing Capabilities 13:37 Future of AI and Quantum Computing 14:41 Virtual Reality in Medical Applications 19:40 Conclusion and Final Thoughts


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June 9, 2024

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