Life Science Success: Life Science Success Virtual Human Twins: Revolutionizing Drug and Device Testing | Elem Biotech Pt1

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There are two parts of this interview, in the first session, I dive into Elem and what the company is doing with Christopher Morton.  


In this exciting episode of Life Science Discussed Podcast, host Don Davis welcomes Christopher Morton, CEO of Elem Biotech, to talk about the groundbreaking work of virtual human twins in drug and medical device testing. Morton, an aeronautical engineer turned biotech innovator, discusses Elem’s platform that allows pharmaceutical companies, medtechs, and CROs to test new therapeutics using virtual human models instead of animal models. They delve into how this approach, distinct from AI-based methods, focuses on mechanistic modeling using MRIs and CT scans to replicate human physiological functions. Morton explains how Elem Biotech’s solutions help in precision medicine, clinical trial design, and reducing animal trials, supported by supercomputing power and cloud technology. Tune in to discover how virtual human models are poised to transform life sciences and medical testing.   00:00 Introduction and Welcome 00:43 Christopher Morton’s Background 01:57 Introduction to Elem Biotech 02:45 Mechanistic Approach vs. AI Models 03:47 Precision Medicine and Virtual Human Twins 08:58 Supercomputing and Technological Infrastructure 13:07 Applications in Pharma and Medical Devices 21:07 Challenges and Future Directions 25:59 Conclusion and Final Thoughts


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June 9, 2024

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