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This week on the Life Science Success podcast, my guest is Thomas Farb-Horch.  Thomas is the CEO of Thrive Bio.  He has been involved in the founding of 18 pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech, software, and AI companies, 7 of which have been unicorns. Currently, he is CEO and Co-Founder of Boston-based Thrive Bioscience, which commercializes instruments and software for a critically important but neglected area of life sciences, which is imaging, analytics, and automation of cell culture, cell-based research, and cell therapeutics.


  • Thomas Forest Farb-Horch has experience automating cytology labs and now seeks to improve cell culture labs through Thrive.
  • Thrive aims to improve the low chances of therapeutics getting from bench to patient by transforming cell biology.
  • Thrive’s technology collects large, comparable data sets that make better cells, which is important for bringing cell therapeutics to the market.
  • Thrive’s data sets and images are valuable to researchers because they can see things that they never saw before and make faster decisions.
  • Thrive is transforming viral plaque assay, which is the standard way of studying viruses, and can now track plaques from day 2 instead of waiting for weeks.
  • Thomas is concerned about divisiveness, duality, and false dualities, and the lack of equality of opportunity, education, and health.
  • Thomas is excited about solving big, ignored problems and changing the world.

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August 11, 2023

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