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In this episode of Life Science Success, my guest is Sucheshna Patil.  She is the CEO and founder of MobilityZ Health. A health-focused biotech engineer, innovator, and researcher building health technology products.


  1. Mobility Z Health’s Focus: The company specializes in orthopedic care, particularly addressing the problem of delays in orthopedic appointments. Their goal is to provide early care and diagnosis for musculoskeletal injuries, reducing backlogs in orthopedic care.

  2. Transition from Humans in Space: Although the company initially operated as “Humans in Space,” it later transitioned to the name “Mobility Z Health” to better align with its focus on healthcare and orthopedic solutions.

  3. Multifaceted Background: Sucheshna Patil has a background as a biotech engineer and researcher, with a passion for healthcare innovation. She drew from her experiences in healthcare, research, and engineering to develop solutions for musculoskeletal injuries.

  4. User-Friendly Approach: Mobility Z Health places a strong emphasis on user experience and user-friendliness in its products to ensure that a wide range of people, including patients and older generations, can use them.

  5. Development Stage: The company is currently in the alpha testing phase, with private access for patients and doctors who want to use the product. A beta version for broader consumer use is expected to launch in January.


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December 3, 2023

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