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In this episode of Life Science Success I interviewed Samantha Dale Strasser – CSO & Cofounder at Pepper Bio at #bio2023.  


  • Samantha Dale Strasser is the Chief Science Officer and co-founder of PEPPER Bio.
  • PEPPER Bio is the world’s first trans omics analysis company.
  • Trans omics involves analyzing a wealth of biological information from genomics all the way up to more functional data of phospho proteomics.
  • PEPPER Bio is able to see more relevant disease insights about how to best treat disease and how to characterize potential drugs that can be used as therapeutics.
  • PEPPER Bio has four contracts and is actively seeking partnerships with pharma.
  • The Compass platform is PEPPER Bio’s computational technology that provides the computational ability to analyze genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and phos proteomic data in a novel way through trans omics to best support partners’ drug discovery questions as well as our own pipeline.
  • PEPPER Bio can work with partners early on from characterizing the disease to answer what targets are best to go after for it to staying with them through the drug discovery process to bring the power of Ranomics all the way through to the clinic.
  • PEPPER Bio sees potential for shortening the timelines for drug discovery, notably around the ability to very early on select drug candidates that are most likely to be successful in the clinic.
  • Trans omics can have an impact on the massive failure rate at the very end of the drug discovery process by allowing for early identification of potential concerns of toxicity.

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June 11, 2023

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