Life Science Success: Life Science Success Sal Buscemi – CEO and Co-Founding Partner of HRN

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Today on the Life Science Success podcast my guest is Sal Buscemi.  Sal is a notable figure in the world of finance and real estate, has made a name for himself through his impressive portfolio of investments and his leadership roles in various investment offices. Currently serving as the CEO and Co-Founding Partner of HRN, a private multi-family investment office, as well as the CEO for Dandrew Partners Capital Management.


  • Sal Buscemi discusses the importance of understanding the science and evaluating user feedback effectively
  • He advises making investment opportunities attractive to investors, as they are unlikely to focus on the math
  • Sal emphasizes the significance of building relationships and networking, as it is important for building a brand and reputation
  • He expresses concerns about the potential destabilization of the petro dollar and the impact it might have on the strength of the country
  • Sal mentions that he enjoys building things, meeting new people, and making an impact in the life sciences industry



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July 1, 2023

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