Life Science Success: Life Science Success Revolutionizing Medicine: DoseMeRx’s Journey to Smarter Dosing!

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Paul Edwards is the President and CEO of DoseMeRx. He has been a Senior Executive with Merck and GSK, and start-ups including ILUM Health Solutions, Infectious Disease Connect, and TrackMy Solutions. He has an extensive history in infectious disease, antimicrobial stewardship, and precision medicine.


  • Guest Introduction: Paul Edwards, the President and CEO of DoseMeRx, shares his extensive background in the pharmaceutical industry, including roles at Merck, GSK, and various startups, focusing on antibiotics and infectious diseases.

  • Pharmaceutical Journey: Paul discusses his career progression from selling macrolides to leading infectious disease units and moving to the U.S. to transform commercial models at Merck, emphasizing the importance of real-world data over clinical trial data.

  • DoseMeRx Focus: DoseMeRx specializes in precise dosing for critically ill patients using therapeutic drug monitoring, particularly for injectable antibiotics, aiming to provide accurate dosing information through web-based and integrated models within hospital systems.

  • Challenges and Future of Medicine: Paul highlights the importance of antimicrobial stewardship, pharmacogenomics, and personalized medicine in improving patient care and expresses concerns about the current insurance and payment systems based on actuarial science.


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May 12, 2024

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