Life Science Success: Life Science Success Revolutionizing Lung Disease Treatment with Evoke Nano’s CEO Sean Rothwell

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In this episode of the Life Science Success Podcast, host Don interviews Sean Rothwell, CEO of Evoke Nano, about the company’s groundbreaking work in developing EBQ218, a revolutionary nanoparticle-based pulmonary therapeutic. They discuss the efficacy of EBQ218 in treating cystic fibrosis and its potential as a broad-spectrum antibiotic against drug-resistant superbugs. Sean shares insights into the company’s journey, their upcoming clinical trials, and the broader impact of their work on patient outcomes in the healthcare landscape. Tune in to learn how Evoke Bio is poised to make a significant difference in combating infectious diseases and improving lives.     00:00 Welcome and Introduction 00:09 First Impressions of BIO Conference 00:37 Sean’s Background and Journey into Life Sciences 01:42 The Science Behind Evoke Nano 02:28 EBQ218: A Revolutionary Pulmonary Therapeutic 04:16 Challenges and Future Pathways 05:24 Investment and Partnership Opportunities 06:42 Broader Applications and Future Vision 08:16 Addressing Drug Resistance and Regulatory Pathways 18:48 Conclusion and Final Thoughts


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June 9, 2024

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