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This week on the Life Science Success Podcast my guest is Dan Lunz. Dan Lunz is the CEO and Co-founder of Previse, a pioneering company based in Baltimore, Maryland, that specializes in offering tests for the prediction and earlier detection of upper-GI cancers.


  • Background of Dan Lunz: Dan Lunz, CEO and co-founder of Previse, shares his journey from growing up in Baltimore, serving in the Marine Corps, experiencing healthcare firsthand as a patient in the VA system, to studying at Johns Hopkins and working in clinical research. His career path was significantly influenced by his desire to serve others, leading him to the life sciences sector.

  • Formation of Previse: Lunz’s collaboration with Dr. Steven Meltzer, a professor at Johns Hopkins, sparked the founding of Previse. They focused on developing diagnostic tools for early detection of upper GI cancers based on Meltzer’s research on biomarkers. Their shared mission was to improve patient outcomes through innovative medical technologies.

  • Previse’s Diagnostic Innovations: Previse specializes in detecting and predicting upper gastrointestinal (GI) cancers. The company offers a commercial test called ESO Predict, which assesses the risk of esophageal cancer in patients with conditions like Barrett’s esophagus, helping physicians strategize patient management and surveillance intervals.

  • Challenges and Leadership Insights: Throughout the interview, Lunz discusses the entrepreneurial challenges of securing funding and navigating regulatory landscapes. He emphasizes the importance of perseverance and humility in leadership, learning from rejections, and the critical role of assembling a talented team to overcome complex challenges.

  • Future Goals and Impact: Looking forward, Previse aims to expand access to its existing diagnostics across the U.S. and continue developing non-endoscopic tools and medical devices to enhance GI cancer detection. Lunz is driven by the potential impact of their technology in preventing cancer and improving patient care, underscoring his dedication to service and innovation in life sciences.


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April 21, 2024

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