Life Science Success: Life Science Success Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment with Aron Knickerbocker CEO of Aulos

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In this episode, we sit down with Aron Knickerbocker, President and CEO of Aulos Bioscience. Aron shares his extensive experience in the Life Sciences industry, highlighting his pivotal roles at RayzeBio, Five Prime Therapeutics, and Genentech. He discusses Aulos’ innovative approaches to cancer treatment, particularly in radiopharmaceuticals and targeted therapies. Aron also reflects on the key leadership advice that has shaped his career and shares his insights on the future of oncology. Tune in to learn about the groundbreaking work at Aulos and Aron’s vision for advancing cancer treatment.



  • Personal Motivation: Aron’s dedication to cancer treatment is deeply personal, influenced by his mother’s death from cancer.
  • Innovative Approaches: Aulos Biosciences uses immune system engagement instead of traditional radiotherapy, showing promise in early trials.
  • Diverse Experience: Aron’s career spans research, business development, and leadership roles, providing a comprehensive understanding of the biotech industry.
  • Leadership Values: Effective decision-making, scientific rigor, and a strong team are central to Aron’s leadership style.
  • Future Vision: Aron envisions AU-007 making a significant impact on cancer treatment, with aspirations of achieving groundbreaking results in clinical trials.


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May 18, 2024

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