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Today on the Life Science Success podcast my guest is Oksana Bovt.  Oksana is the founder of Theoria Creative, an agency that develops unique fundraising materials enabling biotech and life sciences clients to clearly and succinctly articulate their unique message and value when raising funds, soliciting partnerships, pitching at roadshows, or presenting to prospective buyers.


  • Oksana Bovt helps biotech companies communicate their scientific innovations to investors and potential partners.
  • She emphasizes the importance of crafting an interesting story to grab investors’ attention.
  • Her company, Theoria Creative, is known for translating complex science and creating visual and illustrative materials, such as investor decks, scientific illustrations, and scientific animations.
  • Theoria Creative works mostly on referral and helps companies that are ready to communicate effectively and have a clear direction.
  • Oksana Bovt’s background in science and advertising helps her to understand and communicate complex scientific concepts effectively.
  • Theoria Creative helped a company with a broad oncology pipeline clarify their story and focus on approaching oncology and cancer holistically, resulting in a successful oversubscribed round and public offering.
  • Oksana Bovt’s best career advice is to understand oneself first and pursue what one is good at and passionate about.
  • She is inspired by her clients and concerned about the global economy and the safety of her team in Ukraine.
  • Her dog excites her and reminds her to take breaks and enjoy the outdoors.

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June 10, 2023

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