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Today on the Life Science Success podcast, my guest is Oksana Bovt.  Oksana is the founder of Theoria Creative, an agency that develops unique fundraising materials that enable biotech and life sciences clients to clearly and succinctly articulate their unique message and value when raising funds, soliciting partnerships, pitching at roadshows, or presenting to prospective buyers. Oksana was a previous guest, and we covered her company and, more broadly, the things Theoria Creative is working on. Today we are going to spend some time on scientific mechanisms of action.


  1. Theoria Creative’s Role:

    • Oksana explains that her agency helps companies build a compelling story to attract investment. They work closely with venture capitalists and investment bankers.
  2. Challenges and Milestones:

    • Oksana shares her journey and the importance of pivoting and sensing industry needs. Feedback from clients helps them stay relevant.
  3. Client Focus:

    • Theoria Creative mainly focuses on late preclinical and early clinical companies that are in constant need of fundraising.
  4. Mechanisms of Action (MOA):

    • Oksana discusses the importance of clearly explaining the scientific mechanisms of action (MOA) to differentiate one company from another.
  5. Communication Strategies:

    • Oksana outlines three steps for companies to clearly communicate their MOA:
      1. Outline the step-by-step process.
      2. Write a descriptive paragraph for each step.
      3. Compare the mechanism with the healthy and unhealthy state.
  6. Materials and Outputs:

    • Theoria Creative produces pitch decks and animations, depending on the client’s budget and stage.
  7. Closing Remarks:

    • Both Don and Oksana emphasize the importance of clear communication in the life sciences sector for successful fundraising and partnerships.

This episode provides valuable insights into the importance of clear communication and storytelling in the life sciences sector, especially when it comes to explaining complex scientific mechanisms. Oksana’s expertise in this area offers a roadmap for companies looking to articulate their value proposition effectively.


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September 25, 2023

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