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In this episode of Life Science Success, my guest is Nusqe Spanton.  Nusqe is the founder and CEO of Provectus Algae. He is an aquaculture and algae expert with nearly two decades of experience working in international aquacultural production, marine biotechnology, and corporate management.


  • Nusqe Spanton discusses the potential of marine microorganisms to produce commercially valuable compounds.
  • The company, Provectus, is focused on developing products for food, agriculture, and cosmetics, as well as oral fertility treatments.
  • The company is still in an early phase of development and has around 30 employees.
  • Spanton emphasizes the importance of making quick and decisive decisions as a leader, especially in a startup environment.
  • He also stresses the need to move quickly in addressing environmental concerns.
  • Spanton is inspired by his children and the potential of the younger generation to effect change.
  • He is excited about building a great business with like-minded individuals and being a problem solver.



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July 30, 2023

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