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In this episode of Life Science Success, my guest is Meredith Manuel.  Ms. Manuel is a proven leader with drive and determination in the scientific industry, specializing in global drug development and project management.  


Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction to Meredith Manuel: Meredith Manuel is an accomplished leader with extensive experience in the scientific industry, particularly in global drug development and project management.

  • Focus on Life Sciences: The podcast features a conversation between Meredith Manuel and the host, Don, who is a consultant specializing in helping companies within the life sciences sector enhance their strategies, processes, and technologies.

  • Exploring Spatial Biology: Meredith discusses her role at “enable” where she manages the commercial division of a company focused on spatial biology. Spatial biology involves analyzing markers and molecules in the context of tissue, allowing for a deeper understanding of cell interactions and disease mechanisms.

  • Impact on Drug Development: The application of spatial biology in drug development is highlighted, emphasizing the importance of moving beyond traditional single biomarker approaches. Integrating various data sets and understanding complex interactions within tissues is seen as crucial for advancing drug development.

  • Leadership and Collaboration: Meredith also shares insights about leadership and collaboration, encouraging individuals to advocate for themselves and promote diversity of perspectives. She emphasizes the need for open communication within teams and across disciplines, especially in the dynamic field of life sciences.


Meredith Manuel is introduced as a guest on the “Life Science Success Podcast.” The podcast is hosted by Don, a life sciences consultant focusing on improving companies’ strategies, processes, and technology within the life sciences sector. Meredith has a strong background in the scientific industry, with a focus on global drug development and project management. She has a lifelong fascination with science, dating back to kindergarten when she first became interested in the field. Her career has spanned different areas of drug development, and she is particularly passionate about spatial biology, a cutting-edge technology that involves analyzing markers and molecules in tissue context.

Meredith’s role at “enable” involves managing the commercial division of a company that specializes in spatial biology. She explains that spatial biology allows researchers to analyze cell interactions and disease mechanisms by studying markers in the context of tissue. This technology enables a more comprehensive understanding of disease processes and has applications in challenging areas like oncology and immunology. Meredith emphasizes that this approach goes beyond the traditional single biomarker paradigm, enabling a deeper understanding of complex biological processes.

Meredith discusses leadership and collaboration, drawing from her extensive experience. She encourages individuals, especially women, to advocate for themselves and share their ideas openly. She shares a story about a female boss who advised her to be her own advocate and speak up. She believes that diverse perspectives are crucial for innovation and problem-solving. Meredith underscores the importance of listening, collaboration, and communication in achieving successful outcomes within teams.

The conversation concludes with discussions about the challenges and potential future directions of spatial biology and drug development. Meredith expresses her desire to contribute to improving the healthcare industry and patient outcomes through her work. She also highlights the need for a patient-centered approach and collaboration between academia, industry, and regulatory bodies to drive progress in the field.


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August 27, 2023

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