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In this episode of the Life Science Success Podcast, I am joined by Dr. Rafael G. Amado, an esteemed leader in oncology research and development, currently serving as the President and Head of Global Oncology at Zai Lab. With a distinguished career spanning multiple leading biotech firms, Dr. Amado brings a wealth of experience in gene-engineered cell therapies and innovative cancer treatments.


  • Professional Background: Dr. Rafael G. Amado is currently the president and head of global oncology at Zai Lab. He has a rich background in medicine, starting with his education in Spain, followed by a move to the U.S. where he specialized in Internal Medicine and later Hematology Oncology at the University of California, Los Angeles.

  • Passion for Oncology: Dr. Amado’s interest in oncology stems from its complex nature and the multifaceted approach it requires, combining diagnostics, therapeutics, and a detective-like inquiry into patient cases. His career shift towards oncology was influenced by its holistic approach to patient care and his personal drive to solve complex medical puzzles.

  • Research and Development Focus: At Zai Lab, Dr. Amado oversees oncology research and development, focusing on gene-engineered cell therapies among other innovative treatments. He has been involved in significant breakthroughs, such as determining drug inefficacies in patients with certain genetic mutations, which has influenced global regulatory changes in cancer treatment.

  • Corporate and Global Strategy: Under Dr. Amado’s leadership, Zai Lab has approved six drugs in China, with a strong emphasis on addressing grievous illnesses through open innovation. He is instrumental in expanding the company’s global reach, aiming to impact a broad patient base internationally by aligning clinical trials and regulatory strategies across diverse geographic locations.

  • Vision and Future Goals: Dr. Amado is committed to advancing drug development that significantly outweighs potential risks with therapeutic benefits. He is driven by a mission to impact oncology treatment on a global scale, with ambitious goals to reach approximately a million patients by 2030 through continuous innovation and strategic drug development.


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April 26, 2024

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