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In this episode of Life Science Success, my guest is Matt Hill, Ph.D.  Matt is founder and CEO of Elegen Corp., a privately-held company based in the San Francisco Bay Area committed to revolutionizing synthetic biology workflows with innovative DNA writing technology.


  1. Background and Experience: Matt Hill has a Ph.D. in genetics from Stanford University and was initially attracted to the Bay Area for its vibrant startup ecosystem. After completing his Ph.D., he joined Nera, a leading molecular diagnostics company, where he contributed to product development and new capabilities, particularly in massively multiplex PCR technology.

  2. Journey to Founding Elegen: Hill’s experience at Nera, especially in DNA synthesis and production challenges, led him to identify DNA production as a critical bottleneck in life sciences. His interest in solving complex problems and connecting technology areas motivated him to found Elegen to address these challenges in DNA synthesis and production.

  3. Elegen’s Impact and Infinia DNA: Elegen’s product, Infinia DNA, aims to streamline workflows in life sciences, providing researchers with faster, more accurate DNA synthesis. This technology impacts various fields, including therapeutics and synthetic biology, by enabling quicker and more efficient product development cycles.

  4. Leadership and Vision: As a leader, Hill emphasizes inspiration, encouragement, and problem-solving. He discusses the importance of Elegen’s technology in advancing fields like personalized therapeutics and its potential in addressing major health challenges. Hill also highlights the need for more investment in foundational research and development to foster scientific progress.


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January 27, 2024

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