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In this episode of Life Science Success my guest is Mason Ailstock the CEO of Rowen Foundation.  The mission of Rowen is to be a catalyst for education, research, innovation and transformation through the creation of a global destination which recognizes stewardship of the land as the cornerstone of an inspired community.

  • Mason Ailstock is part of a foundation that oversees the covenants, the programming, the partnerships, attracting investors, and more.
  • They want to create a place for companies and people to grow, and for startups to have access to opportunities.
  • Rowan is a 50+ year project that aims to create a platform for other people to step up and have greater access to opportunities and the vision that they have.
  • They are working on infrastructure and doing things that are very different from what the Department of Transportation typically does.
  • They are hoping to create a place where implementation is a primary objective of doing as part of the culture, and where implementation is a primary objective of doing.
  • The initial infrastructure will be finished in the second quarter of 2024, which will include the first two miles of complete streets designed in construction, ribbon cutting, opening of the roadway.
  • They are working towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly development.
  • They have been meeting with companies that have existing relationships or an interest in Georgia, and most of the companies they’re talking to are internationally based.
  • They have sites that could be 2 acres to 50+ acres, and most of the companies they’re talking to are looking for a North America, either headquarters or R&D innovation, foothold.
  • They are looking to connect startups to Georgia, locate, grow, attract investments, scale up.
  • They are hoping to have multi-tenant buildings, multi-tenant lab space, and mixed-use components in the future.

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June 10, 2023

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