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In this episode of the Life Science Success Podcast, my guest is Lisa Sellers, PhD.   Dr. Sellers is the CEO of Vector Laboratories. She is an innovative and impactful leader with a truly unique approach to leading teams. She has deep expertise in running global life science tools businesses, developing new business strategies, and demonstrating excellent execution by leveraging her leadership style to harness the value of talent.


  • The episode features Lisa V. Sellers, PhD, who is the CEO of Vector Laboratories. The discussion aims to explore Lisa’s career journey, her role as CEO, and the future of life sciences.

  • Lisa V. Sellers has been in the life sciences industry for over two decades. She has held various roles, from being a product manager in smaller businesses to being the CEO of Vector Laboratories. She is passionate about understanding the intricacies of the business she leads, as well as the needs of the customers they serve. She believes in leveraging innovation to meet these needs and enjoys developing multi-year growth strategies with her teams.

  • Vector Laboratories is a company that specializes in bioconjugation, a technical capability that allows them to serve customers in various sectors like drug development, diagnostics, and life science tools. The company has been around for 45 years and is currently in a unique position where it combines the stability of a mature portfolio with the agility and growth potential of a startup.

  • One of the key challenges Lisa faces as a CEO is managing people’s ability to adapt to change, especially in a rapidly evolving industry. To tackle this, she has implemented comprehensive onboarding programs for new hires and emphasizes the importance of mentoring and community engagement. She also collaborates with local schools for community service, blending it with coaching and mentoring to broaden perspectives.

  • Lisa is particularly excited about the future convergence of genomics and proteomics in life sciences. She sees this as a significant step toward a more integrated understanding of biology. She also believes that the key to navigating the future successfully is to be flexible and open to possibilities. She expresses concern about whether people and organizations will be able to adapt quickly enough to the changes that are bound to come in the field of life sciences.


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September 3, 2023

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