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In this episode of the Life Science Success Podcast my guests are James Foster, CEO of Virax Labs and Nigel McCracken COO of Virax Labs.  Virax Labs is a global biotechnology company specializing in the development of innovative diagnostic solutions. They focus on T-cell testing and immune profiling, with a novel portfolio of FluoroSpot T-cell diagnostics aimed at indications associated with chronic inflammation and T-cell exhaustion.


  • Podcast Overview: The first “Life Science Success” podcast episode in 2024 features James Foster, CEO, and Nigel McCracken, COO, of Virax Biolabs. 

  • James Foster’s Background: James Foster, CEO of Virax Biolabs, co-founded the company about 10 years ago. Initially starting in finance, he shifted to biotech and diagnostics due to his entrepreneurial interests, particularly influenced by the 2008 financial crisis. His goal is to develop comprehensive immune profiling in-vitro diagnostics (IVDs), focusing on early diagnosis of post-viral syndromes, chronic inflammation, and T-cell exhaustion.

  • Virax Biolabs’ Mission and Technology: Virax is dedicated to creating innovative diagnostic solutions, particularly their T-cell testing platform. This platform aims to address significant health issues like long COVID, affecting millions in the US and Europe. Foster emphasizes the importance of early detection in disease progression and the role of the immune system in combating pathogens.

  • Nigel McCracken’s Role and Insights: As COO, Nigel McCracken plays a crucial role in scaling Virax from a small team to a larger organization. He discusses the importance of strategic focus, effective decision-making, and the development of companion diagnostics, which are essential for personalized medicine, especially in oncology.

  • Future Outlook and Challenges: Both Foster and McCracken highlight the challenges in biotech, including the need for innovation, execution, and efficient leadership. They foresee an increasing burden on healthcare systems due to post-viral syndromes and chronic conditions. The podcast also touches on the potential of venture capital in fostering new ideas and innovations in the biotech sector.



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January 6, 2024

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