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Jennifer Hawks Bland is a distinguished leader in the life sciences sector, serving as the Chief Executive Officer of NewYorkBIO, an organization at the forefront of advancing New York’s life sciences ecosystem. With a rich background spanning legal practice, government affairs, and executive leadership in companies like Merck and GlaxoSmithKline, she brings a wealth of experience and insight to her role in fostering innovation and growth within the industry.


  • Jennifer Hawks Bland, CEO of New York Bio, discussed her unique path into life sciences, transitioning from a legal background where she initially engaged with the pharmaceutical industry through mass tort defense litigation, to advocacy and lobbying roles, eventually leading her to her current position.
  • She detailed the mission and operations of New York Bio, highlighting its role in advancing New York’s life sciences ecosystem by collaborating with early-stage companies, academic medical centers, and leveraging the state’s rich resources in life sciences for regional and statewide economic development.
  • Hawks Bland emphasized the importance of storytelling in advocacy, drawing on her legal and lobbying background to influence policy and support the life sciences industry, both at the state and federal levels, and how this skill has been crucial in her roles leading up to and including her leadership at New York Bio.
  • The conversation also covered the challenges and opportunities facing the life sciences sector, particularly in New York, from fostering startup growth to navigating policy and funding landscapes. She stressed the significance of collaboration across various stakeholders, including government, academia, and the private sector, to drive innovation and support the ecosystem.
  • Hawks Bland shared her excitement for the future of life sciences, reflecting on the potential for breakthroughs in health and medicine, and the critical role of advocacy and strategic partnerships in overcoming challenges and capitalizing on opportunities within the industry.

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March 23, 2024

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