Life Science Success: Life Science Success Innovating Cancer Diagnostics: A Conversation with Jellox Biotech’s Catherine Chung

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Welcome to the Life Science Success Podcast! In this episode, host Don interviews Catherine from Jellox Biotech at Bio Interntional June of 2024. Catherine shares insights into her journey from financial engineering to the life sciences field, her experience in investment banking, and her current role in business development at Jellox Biotech. She discusses Jellox Biotech’s groundbreaking 3D imaging technology for digital pathology, its benefits for early cancer diagnosis, and the company’s expansion plans. Catherine also sheds light on the challenges and hopes for the future, especially regarding raising venture capital and global outreach.     00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome 00:07 Catherine’s Background and Career Journey 00:43 Introduction to Jellox Biotech 01:11 Innovations in 3D Imaging and Digital Pathology 02:22 Product Development and Market Expansion 03:56 Challenges and Goals at Bio Conference 08:06 Global Expansion Plans 09:37 Future Aspirations and Technological Impact 15:39 Conclusion and Farewell


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June 9, 2024

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