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In this episode of Life Science Success, my guest is Hanns-Christian Mahler.  Dr. Mahler is Founder, CEO and Board Member at Ten23 health AG, the human-centric and sustainable pharmaceutical development partner.


  1. Hanns-Christian Mahler is the Founder, CEO, and Board Member of ten23 health AG, a company specializing in sustainable pharmaceutical development. He has a background in pharmacy and has worked in various pharmaceutical companies and CDMOs (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations).

  2. Mahler’s leadership style focuses on building organizations from the ground up, emphasizing the importance of values, purpose, and motivation. He believes in creating a work environment that fosters joy and engagement among employees.

  3. ten23 health AG differentiates itself from other CDMOs by its customer-centric approach and specialized expertise in developing difficult-to-produce products, such as high-volume blockbuster injectable products and products for subcutaneous self-administration.

  4. Mahler is deeply concerned about climate change and is inspired by young activists like Greta Thunberg. His company is committed to sustainability, even registering for B Corp pending status and implementing various eco-friendly initiatives.

  5. The best leadership advice Mahler has received emphasizes trust in employees. He believes that if you have the right people, there’s no need to micromanage, and that trust fosters a more productive and engaged workforce.


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September 3, 2023

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