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In this episode of Life Science Success my guest is Dr Dr. Rahul Kakkar we will dive into the life and innovations of his tremendous career. From founding groundbreaking biotech companies to his vital role at Tome Biosciences and balancing life as a practicing physician, Rahul’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. Discover the cutting-edge of genomic medicine and get a peek into the mind of a true life sciences pioneer.


  • Dr. Rahul Kakkar’s Journey: Dr. Kakkar, CEO of Tome Biosciences and a distinguished biotech executive and physician scientist, shares his journey from training in the Harvard Hospital System to his disillusionment with academia’s limitations on drug development. This frustration led him towards a career in biotech, underscored by his entrepreneurial spirit and the significant influence of mentors who supported him at pivotal moments.

  • Entrepreneurial Shift and Tome Biosciences: His experiences, particularly at AstraZeneca, highlighted the challenges of navigating entrenched corporate cultures, sparking his entrepreneurial journey. This journey includes the founding of Corvidia Therapeutics and ultimately leading to his current role at Tome Biosciences, where he emphasizes a flat, open company culture focused on innovative drug development.

  • Balancing Medicine and Leadership: Kakkar balances his roles as a physician and a biotech leader, finding real-world clinical experiences vital for grounding his work in biotech. He maintains an active part in patient care, which he finds complements his leadership in biotech, keeping his work relevant and impactful.

  • Advancements in Biotech and Tome’s Focus: Kakkar discusses the evolution of biotechnology, from monoclonal antibodies and nucleotide-based therapeutics to the future of DNA editing. At Tome Biosciences, the focus is on programmable genomic integration, aiming to create differentiated, impactful drugs. This approach underscores the importance of technology in developing meaningful new therapies.

  • Leadership Philosophy and Inspiration: Sharing insights on leadership, Dr. Kakkar emphasizes the importance of resilience, adaptability, and making the best of situations. He finds inspiration in the human spirit’s perseverance, whether in family, healthcare, or scientific discovery, driving him to overcome challenges in healthcare and biotech innovation.


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March 17, 2024

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