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In this episode of Life Science Success, my guest is Dr. Lishan Aklog.  Dr. Aklog is the CEO of Lucid Diagnostics he also co-founded and has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lucid’s parent company, PAVmed Inc (Nasdaq: PAVM) since its inception in 2014, and as Executive Chairman of PAVmed’s other major subsidiary, digital health company Veris Health Inc., since its inception.


  1. Dr. Lishan Aklog’s Background: Dr. Aklog, CEO of Lucid Diagnostics and executive chairman of PAVmed’s subsidiary Varys Health, was a cardiothoracic surgeon with a strong interest in technological innovation in medicine. He has an extensive background in academic cardiac surgery and was actively involved in medical device innovation.

  2. Transition to Entrepreneurship: Transitioning from a successful career in cardiac surgery, Dr. Aklog co-founded Lucid Diagnostics and PAVmed. He ventured into medical device entrepreneurship, focusing on developing and commercializing innovative technologies. He was instrumental in creating and selling medical devices, notably a device for non-surgically removing clots.

  3. Lucid Diagnostics and Focus on Cancer Detection: Under Dr. Aklog’s leadership, Lucid Diagnostics specializes in early cancer detection, particularly esophageal cancer. Dr. Aklog emphasizes the importance of pre-cancer detection and prevention, highlighting the challenges in raising awareness and adherence to screening guidelines.

  4. Challenges and Achievements: A significant challenge in Dr. Aklog’s journey has been raising capital to bring innovative technologies to market. Despite these challenges, Lucid Diagnostics has made substantial progress, especially in gaining payer coverage and launching large-scale screening programs.

  5. Leadership and Vision: Dr. Aklog’s leadership philosophy centers on building a culture of success, teamwork, and innovation. He stresses the importance of surrounding oneself with talented individuals and working cohesively towards a shared mission, with a particular focus on impacting patient lives through advanced medical technologies.


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January 15, 2024

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