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In this episode of Life Science Success, my guest is Dr. Jim Woody, CEO of 180 Life Sciences.Dr. Woody leads a pioneering team of scientific innovators at 180 Life Sciences, a clinical stage biotechnology company with three families of novel biologic drugs that address separate areas of inflammation, fibrosis and pain.

  1. Background and Career: Dr. Jim Woody is a pediatric immunologist with a diverse career, including military service and venture capital experience. He was instrumental in the development of anti-TNF drugs, a class of biologics with a market value of about $40 billion per year.

  2. Focus on Patient-Centricity: Dr. Woody emphasizes the importance of patient benefit in drug development. He served on the board of Stanford Children’s Hospital and aims to develop therapies that significantly improve patients’ lives.

  3. Current Work at 180 Life Sciences: The company is focused on finding new indications for anti-TNF drugs. They are working on conditions like Dupuytren’s contracture, frozen shoulder, and post-operative dementia, aiming to prevent disability and improve quality of life.

  4. Challenges and Future Plans: Regulatory hurdles and clinical trials are the next steps for 180 Life Sciences. Dr. Woody estimates that drug approvals could take a couple of years, depending on feedback from agencies like the FDA.

  5. Personal Insights: Dr. Woody advises aspiring professionals to seize new opportunities and emphasizes the role of luck in biotechnology. He is excited about the next generation of anti-inflammatory agents that could offer more targeted treatments.


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September 17, 2023

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