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In this episode of Life Science Success, my guest is Dr. Helen Torley.  Dr. Torley is the President and CEO of Halozyme. Halozyme’s innovative and disruptive solutions provide new therapeutic options that could significantly improve the patient experience by changing how treatments are delivered. 

  • Dr. Helen Torley, CEO of Halozyme, discusses the company’s dedication to improving patient experiences and outcomes through their research and development of monoclonal antibodies and small molecules.
  • Halozyme places a strong emphasis on corporate culture, including cross-functional collaboration and community outreach.
  • Dr. Torley shares how the book “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” has influenced her leadership style.
  • Dr. Torley is inspired by the innovative ideas and enthusiasm of her team members.
  • She expresses concern about the impact of remote work on creativity, problem-solving, and personal development.
  • The company is focused on putting patients at the center of their mission.
  • They have a strong focus on community outreach, with 70% employee participation in volunteering events.
  • She shares a personal story about a family member’s experience with cancer treatment to underscore the importance of improving patient experiences.
  • This episode of the Life Science Success podcast provides insight into the innovative solutions Halozyme is developing and their commitment to patient-centered care.



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July 23, 2023

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