Life Science Success: Life Science Success Dr. David Burkus – Author, Keynote Speaker, Organizational Psychologist

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In this episode of Life Science Success, I am interviewing one of the world’s leading business thinkers, Dr. David Burkus’ forward-thinking ideas and bestselling books are helping leaders build their best team ever.


  • Dr. David Burkus discusses the challenges of remote and hybrid work environments and the importance of deliberate leadership
  • He emphasizes the need for fair feedback, giving feedback in proportion to how someone is doing
  • Dr. Burkus also stresses the importance of micro praises and the need to be deliberate about recognizing employees’ successes
  • He believes that many organizations are approaching remote and hybrid work in the wrong way and need to have a broader conversation about the type of work that should happen in the office versus remotely
  • Dr. Burkus is inspired to make work not suck and wants to help organizations tap into their employees’ potential
  • He also discusses his course, “Build Your Best Team Ever,” which provides research-based actions for team leaders to improve their teams’ dynamics and productivity

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August 19, 2023

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