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This week on Life Science Success, we’re excited to welcome Donald Zinn, a seasoned professional with nearly three decades of experience in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. Beyond his executive roles, Don contributes to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a Commercialization Grant Reviewer and has played a pivotal role at Crossject, leading their needle-free auto-injector platform to global success since the onset of COVID.


  • Donald Zinn’s Background and Experience: Donald Zinn, the Vice President of US Business at Crossject, has nearly 30 years of experience in the life sciences industry. He started his career with an undergraduate degree from UMBC and went on to innovate in the field by inventing dry process microarray during his time at the Uniform Services University. His journey included roles such as lab manager at Georgetown University’s HIV Center, and leadership positions in companies focused on oncology, infectious diseases, and more.

  • Crossject’s Needle-Free Auto Injector: Zinn is part of the Crossject team, working on a needle-free auto injector, which he finds to be an exciting and innovative technology. This device is designed to deliver medications quickly and without the need for needles, addressing needle phobia and improving patient compliance.

  • Demonstration of the Injector’s Ease of Use: During the podcast, a demonstration was discussed showing how the injector works, including its ability to administer medication through clothing. This feature is particularly advantageous in emergency situations where speed and ease of use are critical.

  • Focus on Partnerships and Market Expansion: Zinn emphasizes the importance of finding the right partners worldwide to distribute Crossject’s needle-free injector. The company aims to select partners based on their expertise and market presence to ensure the technology is accessible to a broad audience.

  • Future Prospects and Industry Impact: The conversation highlighted the potential of Crossject’s technology to revolutionize drug delivery, especially for emergency medications like epinephrine. The ease of use, coupled with the effectiveness of the needle-free injector, presents a significant advancement in patient care and medication administration.


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February 17, 2024

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