Life Science Success: Life Science Success David Sanders and Tony Paquin-Securing America’s Pharmaceutical Supply

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In this episode of Life Science Success, we are talking about Securing America’s Pharmaceutical Supply with David Sanders and Tony Paquin.  We are going to discuss derisking the supply chain and building resilience.


Don, is joined by guests, David Sanders and Tony Paquin. They discuss the importance and challenges of securing America’s medical supply chain. David introduces himself as the Vice President of Government Affairs at Coherence Biosciences and Executive Director at Securing America’s Medicine and Supply, and Tony as the CEO and co-founder of iRemedy Healthcare, an AI-driven supply chain platform. They delve into the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on these supply chains, their effort in repatriating pharmaceutical supply and manufacturing back in America, and the role of innovation in overcoming the costs and barriers involved. Tony also mentioned his book, “The End of Us,” which talks about this same issue.


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December 9, 2023

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