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In this episode of Life Science Success, my guest is Cristian Massacesi MD.  Cristian is the Chief Medical Officer & Oncology Chief Development Officer at AstraZeneca.  In the interview, we will discuss his start in oncology, his career path, and current trends in oncology. 


  1. Guest Introduction: Cristian Massacesi, Chief Medical Officer and Oncology Chief Development Officer at AstraZeneca. The discussion focuses on his career in oncology, his path in the medical field, and current trends in technology.

  2. Background and Career Path: Cristian Massacesi, originally from Italy, pursued a career in oncology due to its challenges and potential for impact. After training in Italy, the UK, and the USA, he transitioned from clinical practice to pharmaceutical research, realizing his passion for clinical research.

  3. Role at AstraZeneca: In his dual role at AstraZeneca, Massacesi focuses on prioritizing tasks and managing a busy schedule. He works in R&D, particularly in oncology, overseeing the development of safe and effective products, and engaging with various teams globally.

  4. Clinical Trials and Leadership: Massacesi emphasizes the importance of clinical trial diversity and the need for innovation in trial execution. He shares his perspective on leadership, highlighting the necessity of assembling strong teams and being accessible and human in management.

  5. Vision and Challenges: He is driven by the goal of defeating cancer and leading an organization towards this aim. Massacesi expresses concerns about the complexity of change management in drug development and the regulatory environment, while also finding excitement in the advancements and recognition in the field.


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November 18, 2023

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