Life Science Success: Life Science Success CPA to Biotech Innovator & Coach – Marc Cote

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In this episode of Life Science Success, we sit down with Marc, an entrepreneur, certified coach, and a beacon of leadership in the life sciences and business coaching sectors. Marc shares his journey from the entrepreneurial services group at EY to founding and leading companies in the life sciences field, and how he leverages his vast experience to mentor and inspire others towards professional excellence and personal growth. Tune in for a deep dive into the intersection of business acumen and scientific innovation, and discover Marc’s unique approach to fostering success in the competitive world of life sciences.


  • Marc Cote’s background includes a transition from being a CPA at Ernst & Young to becoming an entrepreneur and certified coach, focusing on leadership within the life sciences. He credits his father, a second-generation business owner, for influencing his career path and emphasizing the importance of a strong business foundation.
  • During his career, Cote identified a gap in leadership and soft skills training among highly technically trained professionals in the life sciences. He aims to help these individuals realize their potential not only as scientists but also as visionary leaders and effective managers.
  • Cote discusses his journey from consulting at Ernst & Young to launching his own companies that supported biotech and small pharmaceutical companies. He emphasizes the value of leadership coaching to enhance emotional intelligence (EQ), crucial for effective leadership.
  • The podcast conversation covers Cote’s approach to coaching, focusing on understanding and leveraging one’s strengths and appreciating different leadership styles. He highlights the importance of continuous personal development and adaptability in achieving career advancement within the life sciences.

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April 15, 2024

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