Life Science Success: Life Science Success Breaking Barriers in Pain Management and ADHD Treatment with Tris Pharma James Hackworth

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In this episode of the Lifescience Success Podcast, host Don Davis interviews James Hackworth, who shares insights about his background in physics and his journey into the life science industry. James discusses his experiences from McKinsey up to his current role at Tris Pharma, focusing on their innovative drug development and formulation technologies. He dives into the company’s advancements in ADHD medications and an exciting new pain management drugs. Additionally, the conversation highlights the importance of partnerships, technology in drug development, and future industry trends. James provides a fascinating glimpse into the complexities and future of pharmaceuticals.

00:00 Welcome and Introduction 00:08 Impressions of the Bio Conference 00:42 James’ Background and Journey into Pharma 03:17 Formation and Growth of Park Therapeutics 04:20 Overview of Tris Pharma 04:41 Tris Pharma’s Focus and Innovations 08:00 Challenges and Opportunities in Partnering 10:58 Future of Tris Pharma and the Industry 15:41 In-depth Look at Drugs that are progressing 19:21 Conclusion and Final Thoughts


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June 9, 2024

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