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In this episode of Life Science Success, my guest is Bob Rochelle the Chief Commercial Officer at Cleveland Diagnostics.  Bob is a proven expert in launch, strategy, and marketing for novel healthcare products. His more than 30 years of experience ranges from start-ups such as Exact Sciences and Good Start Genetics to established multinationals such as Abbott Laboratories.


  1. Introduction of Bob Rochelle: The episode of “Life Science Success” features Bob Rochelle, Chief Commercial Officer at Cleveland Diagnostics. Rochelle is recognized for his expertise in launch strategy and marketing for novel healthcare products.

  2. Bob Rochelle’s Background: With 35 years in the healthcare industry, Rochelle has extensive experience, primarily in diagnostics, working with both pharmaceuticals and startups. His career includes roles in various therapeutic and diagnostic areas, from antibiotics and antihypertensive drugs to genetic disease diagnostics and cancer.

  3. Transition to Startups: Rochelle discusses his transition from large corporations like Abbott Laboratories to smaller startups. He emphasizes the appeal of being able to rapidly implement ideas and the challenges of limited resources compared to larger companies.

  4. Cleveland Diagnostics and Novel Technology: At Cleveland Diagnostics, Rochelle is involved with a novel platform technology for cancer diagnostics. He highlights the importance of innovative technology and a strong team in his career choices.

  5. Insights on Cancer Diagnostics and Career Lessons: Rochelle shares insights on the evolution of cancer diagnostics, emphasizing the importance of specificity and sensitivity in tests like isopsa for prostate cancer. He reflects on lessons learned throughout his career, including the significance of diverse perspectives in small companies and the challenges of navigating healthcare reimbursement systems.


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November 18, 2023

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