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In this episode of the Life Science Success Podcast, my guest is Artem Britchenko.  Artem is the CEO of Platforce, which helps companies that interact with healthcare professionals and care about the efficiency and compliance of these interactions. He has been working in the B2C Pharma industry, helping companies improve their sales force effectiveness, customer engagement, and customer centricity.



  • Don Davis, PhD, MBA interviews Artem Brytchenko, CEO of Platforce
  • Platforce is a CRM solution tailored to the unique needs of the life sciences industry
  • The solution includes closed loop marketing, remote capabilities, consent collection, distributor order optimization, and more
  • The biggest challenges faced by Platforce include constant innovation and adaptation, scaling operations, and managing a global, distributed team
  • The biggest opportunities include the rapid digital transformation of the life sciences industry, expanding to new geographies and markets, and serving adjacent sectors within healthcare
  • Artem is inspired by his team, challenges, and family, concerned about the rapidly changing technological landscape and global complexities, and excited about fostering innovation and collaboration, technological advancements, and personal growth and happiness

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August 11, 2023

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