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My guest today on the Life Science Success Podcast is Andrea Henderson.  Andrea is a Partner in the Life Sciences, Healthcare, Diversity, CEO & Board practices at DHR Global where she is an executive talent solutions strategist.


Andrea Henderson, an Executive Talent Solutions Strategist, and they delve into Andrea’s career journey, which started with a passion for diplomacy and evolved into a focus on talent management and diversity in the corporate world.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Operational Excellence: Don emphasizes the significance of operational excellence in the life sciences industry, particularly the importance of value stream mapping.

  2. Career Evolution: Andrea’s career journey highlights the unpredictable nature of career paths. Her transition from diplomacy to talent management and executive search underscores the importance of adaptability and problem-solving skills.

  3. Diversity and Inclusion: Andrea discusses the role of diversity and inclusion in executive-level roles, emphasizing the need to consider a wide range of perspectives to build the best teams.

  4. Impactful Leadership: Don and Andrea touch on leadership styles, with Andrea describing her leadership style as collaborative, visionary, and empowering. They also discuss the importance of authenticity, trust-building, and clear communication in leadership.

  5. Championing Change: Andrea expresses her excitement about the various avenues available to impact the future, particularly in promoting diversity and creating a more inclusive corporate environment.


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December 9, 2023

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