Life Science Success: Life Science Success Advancing Women’s Health: Insights from Sabrina Johnson, CEO Daré Bioscience

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In this episode of Life Science Success, host Don Davis PhD, MBA, a digital marketer in life sciences, interviews Sabrina Johnson, CEO, and founder of DARE Bioscience. With a passion for advancing women’s healthcare, Sabrina shares her career path from biochemical engineering to founding DARE Bioscience. She discusses the inception of the company, its innovative pipeline, including non-hormonal contraceptives and treatments for female arousal disorder, and the unique challenges they faced, like funding and public awareness. Sabrina emphasizes the importance of addressing unmet needs in women’s health, the strategic decisions behind their reverse merger, and her optimistic vision for the future of women’s health treatments.


Key Takeaways

  1. Purpose-Driven Innovation: Daré Bioscience was founded to address significant gaps in women’s healthcare, driven by Sabrina Johnson’s commitment to making a difference in areas with unmet needs.
  2. Strategic Funding: Opting for a public company model allowed Daré Bioscience to secure necessary funding for its extensive product pipeline.
  3. Collaborative Development: Partnering with established companies like Bayer helps in the commercialization and broader reach of innovative products.
  4. Focus on Unmet Needs: The company’s approach starts with identifying specific unmet needs in women’s health, ensuring their products address significant issues.
  5. Leadership and Authenticity: Sabrina Johnson highlights the importance of authentic leadership, problem-solving, and not shying away from challenges to drive innovation and success in healthcare.

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May 25, 2024

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