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In this episode of Life Science Success, we’re thrilled to welcome Britney Winterberger, the Senior Director of North America Project Management and Clinical Operations at Tigermed. Britney brings a wealth of experience in clinical trials across various therapeutic areas and a deep personal commitment to advancing patient treatments, particularly in the fight against cancer.


  • Britney Winterberger is the Senior Director of North America Project Management and Clinical Operations at Tigermed, with a rich career history in life sciences, inspired by a personal loss to leukemia. She initially aspired to be a pediatric oncologist but shifted towards clinical research to contribute to cancer treatment advancements.
  • Winterberger, who was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, has a Marquette University undergraduate degree in biological sciences as well as study abroad experiences. She is also a family person, emphasizing the importance of travel, outdoor activities, and being sports enthusiasts with her husband and two children.
  • Her journey into the field of life sciences was somewhat unintentional, transitioning from a goal in pediatric oncology to clinical research due to the emotional challenges of the former. She transitioned because of a special opportunity through a family connection, which led her to a career in clinical research organizations (CROs).
  • Throughout her career, pivotal moments included receiving a ‘B’ on a performance review, which was a significant learning experience for her, highlighting the importance of adaptability, innovation, and the need to work in a more agile and innovative environment. Joining Tigermed represented a culminating point where she found a space to innovate and drive meaningful change in the clinical research landscape.
  • Winterberger discusses the evolution of clinical trials, emphasizing the shift towards patient-centric approaches, the integration of digital health technologies, and the push for decentralized clinical trials to improve patient access and compliance. She also highlights Tigermed’s role in advancing clinical research through innovative trial designs and efficient patient recruitment strategies, underlining her commitment to making a difference in cancer treatment and patient care.

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March 23, 2024

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