Pavel Printsev – Director of Business Development at Bridge Biotherapeutics

In this episode of the Life Science Success Podcast my guest is Pavel Printsev.  Pavel is the Director of Business Development at Bridge Biotherapeutics. Prior to joining Bridge in early 2021 he was working at a South Korean VC firm. Pavel’s academic background is in Organic Chemistry and worked as a Research Scientist for several years. Since then, he has been active in advancing scientific development through global partnership, collaboration and investment between South Korea and the rest of the world.


  • Bridge Biotherapeutics is a small to mid-size Biotherapeutics company founded in 2015.
  • They have clinical-stage assets in nonsmall cell lung cancer, ulcerative colitis, and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
  • They also acquired a next-generation biosensor detection company, which is a thousand times more sensitive than the current commercial ECL biosensor device.
  • Bridge Biotherapeutics is focused on maximizing resources and following the path where they see the most opportunity.
  • Pavel Printsev is inspired by people who have become masters in their respective fields and are dedicated, motivated, ambitious, and do not give up.
  • Concerns include the gap in research and unmet medical needs for indications that may not be profitable.
  • Pavel is excited about the advancements in AI and deep learning, gene editing, and precision medicine.


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