Nathan Clark – co-founder of Ganymede

This week on the Life Science Success Podcast my guest is Nathan Clark.  Nathan is the co-founder of Ganymede and is passionate about biotechnology. He is at the frontier of biology and engineering, and has merged his profound knowledge in this field with business development to reimagine data infrastructure in the life sciences.


  • Nathan Clark discusses his company’s goal to become the infrastructure for the life sciences industry
  • The industry is moving slowly in terms of digital transformation and data integration
  • The complexity of data in the life sciences industry is a unique problem that requires a science of managing that complexity
  • Instrument manufacturers are inhibiting connectivity by putting all their data into different formats
  • The goal is to create a centralized data lake that can be mapped together and linked
  • The complexity of the industry and the slow pace of digital transformation concerns Nathan Clark
  • Nathan Clark is excited about the potential for scientific advancements in the life sciences industry, including understanding epigenetics and how biological systems interact with each other



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