Life Science Success with Vance Lyon: From Chemistry to Pharma Innovation


In this episode of Life Science Success, host Don interviews Vance Lyon, an accomplished chemist with a four-decade career in the life sciences industry. Vance discusses his educational background, career journey, and key experiences.   The conversation also delves into the vital role of Davos Pharma in providing comprehensive services for biotech companies, including API production, formulation, and IND filings. Vance shares insights on leadership, his inspirations, and concerns, while reflecting on his contributions to significant pharmaceutical projects. Join us for an engaging discussion on life sciences, chemistry, and the intricacies of pharmaceutical development.     00:00 Introduction to Life Science Success Podcast 00:39 Sponsor Message: D3 Digital Media Marketing 01:22 Meet Vance Lyon: A Journey in Chemistry 02:27 Early Life and Education 07:22 Career Beginnings at Parish Chemical 11:08 Transition to Kemmerer Polytech 12:57 Joining Davos and Key Projects 16:06 Services Provided by Davos 27:34 Leadership and Personal Insights 35:52 Conclusion and Farewell


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