Kristofer Mussar PhD – COO VectorBuilder

by Jul 16, 2023Podcast0 comments

In this episode of Life Science Success my guest is Kristofer Mussar.   Kristofer graduated from University of Georgia with a PhD in Molecular Genetics where he focused on Epigenetics and Evolution. He simultaneously obtained his MBA from the Terry College of Business.  He is currently the Managing Director and COO of VectorBuilder Inc.


  • Kristofer Mussar, PhD, discusses his company Vector Builder and their innovative gene delivery methods.
  • Vector Builder’s platform is free to use and includes a design team for gene delivery methods.
  • They are working on several R&D projects, including a capsid evolution for novel capsids, a bacterial backbone-free plasmid, and antibody-conjugated lipo nanoparticles with mRNA.
  • Vector Builder emphasizes collaboration and treating researchers as collaborators.
  • Mussar believes in the importance of genetics and personalized medicine.
  • Vector Builder has a new software-based platform called Vector B in development.