John P. Alderete, PhD, MBA – Managing Partner Rise Health Capital

by Jul 23, 2023Podcast0 comments

In this episode of Life Science Success, my guest is John Alderete. Dr. Alderete has successfully applied his wide range of experience and formal training to the evaluation, financing, formation, and operation of diagnostics and medical device technology companies.

  • Don Davis and John Alderete discuss pitching scientific research to investors
  • Davis emphasizes tailoring pitches to the audience and understanding investors’ perspective
  • Alderete stresses the importance of having the right team and being honest about limitations
  • Alderete expresses concern about lack of progress in biological surveillance and potential for future pandemics
  • Alderete is excited about modern tools and technologies available to younger generation of scientists
  • The conversation offers insights on challenges of pitching research, importance of team, and need for better pandemic preparation
  • It highlights exciting possibilities in modern tools and technologies for younger scientists.